Palmer PTSA


Our PTSA strives to support as many programs as possible for the benefit of our school.  Please consider joining the PTSA and, if possible, making a small donation to help make it the best year yet.  Becoming a member does NOT require any type of volunteer commitment (although we can always use volunteers if you’d like to help).

Why You Should Support Palmer’s PTSA

The money that PTSA receives from donations and memberships goes to fund some of the following programs, activities and educational items for YOUR student.

·Agendas for every student
·Honor Roll Receptions for students and parents
·Staff and Student Talent Shows
·School Store
·School Support Gift Certificates for all faculty (for needed items to enhance the curriculum)
·Staff Thank-You Luncheons and Gifts
·PTSA Website and E-news
·Reflections Program
·Additional support for the Angel Tree families

As you can see, PTSA stretches your membership and fundraising dollars a long way. Please support these programs and more by joining the PTSA and making an additional tax deduction donation.


Join PTA at this link:


Calling All Volunteers!

If you didn’t get a chance to sign up to volunteer, please click on the following link (Please provide email address):