PTSA Volunteer Descriptions


PTSA Executive Committee:  Duties and responsibilities

  Duties of the Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary)

  • approve chairpersons and members of the standing committees,
  • approve the plans of work of the standing committees,
  • schedule board and association meetings,
  • approve routine bills within the limits of the budget,
  • conduct the business of the PTA between board meetings,
  • develop goals for the association for presentation to the board of directors and general membership for approval, and
  • make a report of the Executive Committee action items at each board meeting.


The President Shall:

a. Serve for a term of office specified in the local unit bylaws.

b. Know and follow the bylaws of the association.

c. Cooperate with the other members of the executive committee and board of directors.

d. Appoint, in conjunction with executive committee, chairpersons and standing committees.

e. Develop and update a procedure book.

f. Consult with the school principal on all matters relating to the school.

g. Invite teachers to participate as active members and chairpersons.

h. Preside at all meetings of the general membership, board of directors, and executive committee.

i. Expedite meetings by preparing an agenda, opening and closing meetings on time, and by working

with the board before the meeting to learn who has reports or additions to the agenda.

j. Attend or send a representative to council meetings, district meetings, workshops, PTA

conventions, leadership conferences, and other related meetings.

k. Ensure that all required reports and forms are completed and returned to the state office by the

designated deadline dates.

l. Instruct secretary to copy and distribute bylaws to all members of the board of directors.

m. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating and audit committees.

n. Complete and approve a State Board Member Field Service Request Form, if one is requested to

attend a local unit activity or program. (See Field Service Request Form in this section)


Vice President:

          The vice president may be called upon at any time to assume temporarily the place of the president. The vice president should make a thorough study of the president’s duties and responsibilities and be familiar with the work of the association. A strong vice president can and should be the president’s “right hand,” acting as an aide and assuming assigned responsibilities.

The Vice President shall:

a. Preside at meetings in the absence of the president/president elect or upon their inability to serve.

b. Perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president and the president elect or upon their inability to act.

c. Act as an assistant to the president and assume responsibility for duties assigned by the president.

d. Perform any other specific duties that may be provided for in the bylaws.

e. Represent the president upon request.

f. Attend all training opportunities offered by the council, district, and Georgia PTA.

          When local units have more than one vice president, they often designate specific duties for each vice president, such as vice president of education or vice president of legislation. Vice presidents can serve as program chairperson, coordinator for major projects that involve several committees, or as a liaison to outside groups that may desire a connection with a local unit. In the case of multiple vice presidents, it is helpful if each vice president is responsible for overseeing specific committees that have connecting areas of responsibility. Vice presidents can be helpful in strengthening communication within the board of directors as well as within the general membership and other entities in the school community and system.



          Is a member of the PTSA Executive Committee.  Duties include making payments from and deposits to PTSA accounts, preparing budget reports a minimum of once each month, reconciling bank accounts on a monthly basis, and maintaining all PTSA financial and administrative records in preparation for an annual financial audit.



          Is a member of the PTSA Executive Committee.  Keeps an accurate record of all business transacted at each meeting of the PTSA. 


PTSA Board Chairs: Duties and responsibilities

8th Grade Event:

Organize and plan the end-of-year 8th grade carnival and dance.

Book Fair:

Help assist the media specialist and paraprofessional with the book fair.  Organize the volunteers.  Decorate the displays.  Help with set up and clean up.

Box tops:

Advertise and collect the box tops from designated collection boxes at school, and send the box tops to the GM for rebate checks.


Keep the PTSA online calendar up to date. Coordinate with Palmer, front office / administration, PTSA executive board, and Palmer faculty for any upcoming events for the calendar.

Character Education:

Organize events that support growth in good will and moral character.


Responsible for promoting the event, sales, decorations, and set up/clean up.

Duty Free Lunch / First Friday:

Help monitor students in the cafeteria during lunch to give teachers a break each month.


Send the weekly newsletter to Palmer students, families, and faculty every week. Coordinate with Palmer administration for any announcements to include.


Stay informed about legislative issues that affect children, and attend PTA Day at the Capitol.


Organize materials, distribute flyers, and sell PTSA memberships throughout the year.  This includes selling memberships at Meet & Greet, Open House, and other special events.  Send payments to state PTSA each month.

Red Ribbon week:

Plan a week of activities designed to combat drug and alcohol abuse.


Promote and process entries for this cultural arts contest.  Includes preparing documentation, sending out and collecting information, collecting Reflections entries and displaying them at school, and organizing Reflections Banquet.

Spirit Wear:

Order and maintain inventory, plus sell and promote at events.

Web coordinator:

Organize, maintain, and update the PTSA Web site as needed. Maintain PTSA email addresses.  Maintain PTSA Facebook page.