The 2017-2018

Reflections Theme

“Within Reach”

Artists             Photographers           Film Makers          Musicians         Dancers           Writers              Poets


 The PTSA Reflections wants you!!

Do you have a vivid imagination? cool Vines or short videos? Maybe they enjoy creating their own tunes on their instrument at home or making up a new dances that could make us forget the Whip and Nae and Nae!

PTSA Reflections would LOVE for you to share your artistic expression with us! This year’s theme is “Within Reach” and the categories include: Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Film, Musical Composition, and Dance Choreography. Students can enter as many times and as many categories as they like!  If you’re interested, there are two ways to get information:

  • Download forms  

2017-18 Forms will be released soon and we will link them here.


  • Email and indicate what forms you would like me to print for you. Please include:

    Homeroom Teacher
    Categories you would like to have printed


Important Dates:



To Be Determined